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Public Attributes

tcpcb Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

tcp_seq irs
tcp_seq iss
tcp_seq last_ack_sent
u_long max_sndwnd
tcp_seq rcv_adv
tcp_seq rcv_nxt
u_char rcv_scale
tcp_seq rcv_up
u_long rcv_wnd
u_char request_r_scale
u_char requested_s_scale
struct tcpiphdrseg_next
struct tcpiphdrseg_prev
u_long snd_cwnd
tcp_seq snd_max
tcp_seq snd_nxt
u_char snd_scale
u_long snd_ssthresh
tcp_seq snd_una
tcp_seq snd_up
tcp_seq snd_wl1
tcp_seq snd_wl2
u_long snd_wnd
short t_dupacks
u_short t_flags
char t_force
u_short t_idle
struct inpcb * t_inpcb
char t_iobc
u_short t_maxseg
char t_oobflags
tcp_seq t_rtseq
short t_rtt
u_short t_rttmin
short t_rttvar
short t_rxtcur
short t_rxtshift
short t_softerror
short t_srtt
short t_state
struct tcpiphdrt_template
short t_timer [TCPT_NTIMERS]
caddr_t t_tuba_pcb
u_long ts_recent
u_long ts_recent_age

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file tcp_var.h.

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