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Public Attributes

tcpstat Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

u_long tcps_accepts
u_long tcps_badsyn
u_long tcps_closed
u_long tcps_connattempt
u_long tcps_conndrops
u_long tcps_connects
u_long tcps_delack
u_long tcps_drops
u_long tcps_keepdrops
u_long tcps_keepprobe
u_long tcps_keeptimeo
u_long tcps_pawsdrop
u_long tcps_pcbcachemiss
u_long tcps_persistdrop
u_long tcps_persisttimeo
u_long tcps_predack
u_long tcps_preddat
u_long tcps_rcvackbyte
u_long tcps_rcvackpack
u_long tcps_rcvacktoomuch
u_long tcps_rcvafterclose
u_long tcps_rcvbadoff
u_long tcps_rcvbadsum
u_long tcps_rcvbyte
u_long tcps_rcvbyteafterwin
u_long tcps_rcvdupack
u_long tcps_rcvdupbyte
u_long tcps_rcvduppack
u_long tcps_rcvoobyte
u_long tcps_rcvoopack
u_long tcps_rcvpack
u_long tcps_rcvpackafterwin
u_long tcps_rcvpartdupbyte
u_long tcps_rcvpartduppack
u_long tcps_rcvshort
u_long tcps_rcvtotal
u_long tcps_rcvwinprobe
u_long tcps_rcvwinupd
u_long tcps_rexmttimeo
u_long tcps_rttupdated
u_long tcps_segstimed
u_long tcps_sndacks
u_long tcps_sndbyte
u_long tcps_sndctrl
u_long tcps_sndpack
u_long tcps_sndprobe
u_long tcps_sndrexmitbyte
u_long tcps_sndrexmitpack
u_long tcps_sndtotal
u_long tcps_sndurg
u_long tcps_sndwinup
u_long tcps_timeoutdrop

Detailed Description

Definition at line 179 of file tcp_var.h.

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